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Abbreviation / Acronym Translation
Auto Automatic
Aux. Auxiliary
BBC Bumper to back of cab
C.O.E. Cab-Over-Engine
CONV Conventional
Chs Chassis
Cu. In. Cubic-inch Displacement
D Diesel
DR Dual Rear
Dbl. Red Double Reduction
Dual R Dual Rear
Elec Electric
Eng. Engine
Exc. Except
Fwd Forward
F.E.T. Federal Excise Tax
FG Fiberglass
Finance Value This is a guide to the amount of loan value given to a borrower of average credit risk, on an average truck in average condition assuming local and business conditions are normal. It is understood the loan value may and should be adjusted due to the financial condition of the borrower, term of the loan, interest rate, condition of the truck or any other situation affecting the sales transaction.
G Gas
GCW Gross Combination
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
Gr. Gross
H.D. Heavy Duty
HP Horsepower
Hyd. Hydraulic
ILS In Lieu of Standard
LCF Low Cab Forward
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas
N.A. Not Available
N/C. No Charge, No Credit
Pass. Passenger
Purchase Value Is a user defined value adding value over the current retail value, such as an advertised selling price.
Retail Value This is a guide as to the probable amount a standard ¿as advertised¿ model will bring on the open market. Sold as a single unit by a dealer usually engaged in the truck business to a purchaser willing and able to buy. Assuming the sale is an ¿arms length¿ transaction and neither party is under dress to buy or sell.
Rr. Rear
SBA Set Back Axle
SFA Set Forward Axle
SR Single Rear
Sg Single
Spd Speed
Std Standard
TD Diesel
TM Tandem
Tax Taxable
Tr Transmission
Trade in value Is a user defined value deducting value from retail value at the time of trade-in before reconditioning and/or repairs, or any necessary activity to present a truck for retail resell.
Trans Transmission
WB Wheel Base
Wholesale Value This is a probable amount a vehicle value would bring without the retail dealer mark up of a unit as is-where is.
Wt. Weight