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Isuzu - NPR Medium Duty
Year: 1999
Make: Isuzu
Model: NPR
Model Description: 4x2 68'' BBC Steel Tilt (LCF) Chs & Cab w/Dual Hyd Brakes & Power Steering
Gross Vehicle Weight:  12000
Gross Combination Weight:  0
Wheel Base:  109
VIN Model:  *4B1*
Truck Blue Book Values - April 01, 2014 - April 30, 2014
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Basic Vehicle Value
Major Components
Engine: Isuzu - 4HE1-TC/142
Transmission: Isuzu - MXA5C
Front Axle: Isuzu - 6830
Rear Axle: Isuzu - RO40
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Truck Body
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